There are usually some definite signs that indicate our loved ones, who have become elderly or seniors may need some kind of assistance in daily living at home. If a family member or friend closely observes and sees patterns of consistent neglect in some of the following areas, then it might be time to consider a discussion with the elderly about help in such areas.

Difficulty in walking, dressing, cooking and maybe eating, climbing steps, or managing medications. Infrequent bathing, unusually sloppy appearance. Unopened mails, papers are piled up, bills are unpaid, prescriptions are unfilled, phone calls aren’t returned, home interior and/or exterior is unkempt, laundry is piling up.

Maybe weight loss, changes in appetite, problems swallowing, fatigue, burns, black and blue marks (possible signs of falling), complaints of muscle weakness, insomnia or excessive sleeping, dehydration. Little interest in outside friendships, activities, or hobbies, keeps curtains drawn day and night, has little access to transportation, lives in another city or state and lives alone.

Sadness, display of verbal or physical abuse, talk of being depressed and feelings of despair, abuse of alcohol or drugs. Consistent forgetfulness about where things are, getting lost while walking or driving, confusion, severe personality changes, forgetting to close windows, turn off the stove, and lock doors, loss of sense of time.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment to further introduce the the discussion that will identify where help is needed in daily leaving.

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